BBC study explores the power of branded podcasts

Several studies have explored the power of podcasts to forge personal connections with listeners, and a new investigation takes a closer look at how that applies to branded podcasts. BBC StoryWorks, the branded content division of the BBC Global News, commissioned a study by Neuro-Insight researchers into the power of sponsored shows to connect with listeners and achieve business goals.

The Audio:Activated study found that the tendency to engage in other tasks while listening to a podcast increased receptiveness to the company’s messaging. The results showed that nearly all (94%) listeners consume podcasts while doing other activities, with chores at home (61%) and driving (55%) the most common tasks. The active group outperformed its counterpart on all engagement measures, including a 40% higher score on emotional intensity related to the branded show.

The research observed that brand mentions delivered 16% higher engagement and 12% higher memory encoding than the other content in a branded show. These programs also saw an 89% lift in awareness, 57% increase in brand consideration, at a 14% boost to purchase intent. The study noted that branded podcasts posted better metrics in reaching ad avoiders than television.

“The BBC has a near-century long reputation for excellence in audio-based storytelling,” BBC StoryWorks SVP Richard Pattinson said. “This study provides real empirical evidence demonstrating the opportunity in the audio space for brands, and partnering with experts in this space offers an exciting and effective way for them to reach audiences in a genuinely meaningful way.”

Anna Washenko