As Jon Stewart prepares his Apple TV+ show, a companion podcast is announced

“Why would I go back to a visual medium?” the 58-year-old Jon Stewart wonders aloud after being startled by his image in the dressing room mirror. “I could have done a podcast.”

Well, it turns out there will be a companion podcast to Apple’s vehicle for Stewart, The Problem with John Stewart.” The program’s audio will be distributed via RSS, not an exclusive for Apple despite the obvious opportunity. Many Jon Stewart fans will give Apple a gold star for that decision.

The show is described as “a multiple-season, single-issue series, taking a deep-dive on the most important topics that are currently part of the national conversation.” Basically an interview show, the discussion promises to be solution-oriented.

Stuart is the host of course, and exec-producer through his Busboy Productions. The show was first announced in October 2020, and now carries a launch date of September 30.


Brad Hill