ART19 teams with Veritone for AI to improve ad targeting tools

ART19 has entered a partnership with Veritone, an artificial intelligence company with a specialty in audio. The audio company will leverage Veritone’s aiWARE operating system in its targeted ad sales platform. ART19 will use the AI tech to run cognitive analysis and topical extraction on participating publisher podcasts. The partnership will let advertisers target spots to the content of individual podcast episodes.

“ART19 knows podcast advertising works. And advertisers know that ads can be incredibly successful if they’re reaching the right listeners at the right time,” said Lex Friedman, ART19’s chief revenue officer. “By adding aiWARE to our platform, we’re empowering buyers to target ads to consumers based on the content of the episode they’re listening to. Listeners appreciate contextual and relevant ads — and that means they pay more attention to them.”

“aiWARE enables ad-tech capabilities within audio and video formats that were previously impractical because they exceeded the capacity and financial resources of human workforces. In a parallel to Google’s indexing of websites, Veritone’s aiWARE automates the systematic indexing and contextual extraction of hundreds of thousands of hours of audio and video content to enable new targeting and brand safety workflows,” Veritone President Ryan Steelberg said. “ART19’s deployment shows how refined targeting capabilities can deliver more efficiency for advertisers with a higher ROI on ad spend, all while creating a better listener experience.”

Anna Washenko

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