Apple’s texting service adds Pandora song-sharing

pandora-imessageApple users have a new way to soundtrack their texts. Pandora is the latest app to have iMessage integration in iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile operating system. The free extension to iMessage allows a person to share a track from the Pandora library by text. This can take the form of sharing the currently playing track from a Pandora station, or a user can search Pandora’s catalog to find something specific. The recipient can listen to a snippet of the song within iMessage or they can tap Start Station to use that song to seed a new channel.

iMessage is for exchanges between Apple devices. This type of rich app integration was a key feature of texting in iOS 10. It seems likely that other music services might want to pursue similar iMessage integrations. Several standalone apps have emerged to meet consumer interest for a blend of music and messaging. Few have broken out of tech and media spheres to reach the general mobile audience. But the involvement of major players such as Apple and Pandora does indicate high odds that music messaging will be an ongoing trend.

Anna Washenko