Apple may invest $1 billion into video over the next year

Apple is still gunning for a big move into video, according to the latest industry buzz. The Wall Street Journal (paywall) reported that the company plans to invest about $1 billion in its video plans over the next year. A source told WSJ that the money could translate into up to 10 new programs.

Its streaming service might be called Apple Music, but it seems that Apple’s sights are set on becoming a more comprehensive entertainment hub. Apple has already hosted a reality show called Planet of the Apps and the music showcase of Carpool Karaoke on its Apple Music platform.

Although $1 billion sounds like a massive investment, it’s still on the lower end of what video specialists are putting into their shows. HBO regularly breaks the Internet with Game of Thrones, but the show’s sixth season allegedly cost $10 million per episode. Netflix and Hulu have both invested heavily in original shows and securing the rights to other licensed content, and Disney recently announced plans to make a streaming property of its own.

When the market is that crowded with moneyed and ambitious parties, we can expect to see the fragmentation of the video space continuing for some time. Each will be working to build an arsenal of unmissable programming and bona fide hits, and it’s possible that acquisitions will play a part in amassing both viewers and shows. Apple may have a longer history than HBO or Netflix, but it’s still one of the newest players in the video space. Even though the company is armed with cultural cache, money, and talent, Apple will still need to fight hard to elbow its way into success.

Anna Washenko