Apple HomePod to receive software improvements next week

Apple introduced new products for its iPhone and Apple Watch yesterday, and while those devices took center stage, there was a small hint of things to come for the HomePod smart speaker. CEO Tim Cook mentioned a few upcoming software updates coming to the HomePod on September 17 to improve functionality.

First, HomePod owners will soon be able to make and receive phone calls through the device. It will also be adding the ability to search for music by lyrics and the option to set multiple timers. Finally, the HomePod will receive support for Siri Shortcuts, which lets owners set custom commands for different apps on the smart speaker.

Apple has not been making a lot of noise around its first smart speaker. The device launched in February to rave reviews of its audio quality, but its late arrival to market and questions about Siri’s power as a voice assistant have kept its sales on the lower end.

Anna Washenko