Apple HomePod delayed to “early 2018”

Apple has delayed the launch of its HomePod smart speaker. The device, which enters the same space as Amazon’s Echo line and the Google Home, will not roll out until early 2018. A statement from Apple simply said that “we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers,” but gave no other reason for the delay.

The HomePod was slated to go on sale in December with a price tag of $349. It will rely on Siri for voice controls. There are still several critical details about the device that have not yet been explained, such as what other music services it will support. Apple Music is of course the expected center of HomePod listening, but how much will it offer for people who are subscribers on Spotify or Pandora? What about for its direct hardware rivals who also have music services, such as Amazon or Google? We’ll be waiting a little longer to find out.

Anna Washenko