Another Infinite Dial preview: 61% of Americans own smartphones

Smartphone-Tracking-2014 500w

Edison Research and Triton Digital released another small preview of The Infinite Dial 2014 study this evening, to promote tomorrow’s unveiling. The factoid relates to smartphone ownership, which has grown over 500% during the last five years. Now, 61% of all 12+ Americans own a smartphone. (Probably a bunch of under-12 kids, too, is our guess.)

No conclusions or interpretation accompanied this statistical teaser. But smartphone adoption drives the trend of mobile listening to streaming audio, which Edison and Triton have each documented in the past.

The Infinite Dial 2014 is an epic annual research project now in its 22nd year. The whole thing gets unleashed tomorrow (Wednesday, March 5), via a free webinar at 2:00pm EST. Go here, to register.

Brad Hill