Amazon launches smartphone speaker controls with Alexa Cast

Amazon is launching a feature called Alexa Cast that will allow smartphone controls for devices enabled with its voice-activated technology. That includes both speakers from its Echo product line as well as devices from other hardware companies that integrate Alexa. On the software side, Alexa Cast only supports Amazon Music controls for now. Both the iOS and Android apps for the music platform will be updated today with the new development. But the feature could make it simpler and easier to operate wireless speakers without relying on the voice commands.

Amazon has not shared if any third-party platforms will be granted access to Alexa Cast. “We’ll continue to improve this feature and expand support over time,” a representative told The Verge.

The feature is very similar to the Google Cast technology that has been around for several years. Google Cast allows phone controls over audio and video playback on smart TVs and speakers. Other wireless speaker services already have similar options for directions by phone rather than by voice. For instance, a Sonos One playing Spotify can be controlled from either company’s mobile apps.

Anna Washenko

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