Along with baseball, basketball, and nearly everything else, “Infinite Dial” live is off — webinar still on

In a day when baseball, basketball, hockey, Disney, schools and many other cultural institutions were suspended, yesterday also brought an announcement closer to RAIN home: Edison Research and Triton Digital have canceled the first live-audience presentation of The Infinite Dial, the annual public snapshot of American listening.

Presenters Tom Webster (Edison) and John Rosso (Triton) were scheduled to appear before an audience ast Manhattan’s The Green Space to divulge the results, and the whole thing would be livestreamed in the usual webinar format the two companies have used for years. Now — webinar only.

The Infinite Dial, is the preeminent consumer survey of how Americans listen, and is cited universally in the trade and consumer press during the entire year. The project has been running for over 20 years, resulting in extraordinarily informative trending timelines. The study covers brand recognition of audio services, in-car listening, use of audio streaming generally in the population, podcasting, and much more.

The date remains March 19. GO HERE to register for the webinar.

Brad Hill