AdsWizz partners with DMP Lotame for audience intelligence

adswizz logo canvasAd-tech company AdsWizz announced a partnership with data management platform (DMP) Lotame. Lotame’s audience segmenting datasets will be bundled into the AdsWizz advertising platform, called AdWave.

“AdsWizz is thrilled to partner with Lotame to provide demographic and behavioral targeting capabilities to advertisers,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWIzz.  “By combining the vast array of third party data connected through Lotame with the one-to-one targeting capabilities of our advertising platform, we will offer audio advertisers unmatched access to their target audiences.”

Data management platforms are undersung lynchpins of increasingly targeted streaming audio advertising. DMPs take enormous volumes of information and turn it into smart information, usable by audio publishers in selling their inventory, and useful to audio buyers in targeting their messages. The drive toward “smart impressions,” which match ideal marketing messages to ideal recipients at the ideal times, is furthered by DMPs working with advertising platforms.

AdsWizz notes that the AdWave platform has doubled its available inventory since the start of 2015.

Brad Hill