adStream: We hear frequent real estate ads, as category is projected to grow

adStream is a journal of ad-stalking and interesting commercial sightings in streaming audio services.

adstream - slacker - zillow video pre-roll to first playlist

A Zillow pre-roll commercial in Slacker Radio. the real estate category is projected to shift dollars into streaming audio.


In one of the first editions of adStream, we noted that real estate web service Trulia included streaming audio in a revitalized campaign spend. Since then (March 2014) we have encountered Trulia and Zillow ads frequently in our adStream test listening, indicating steady commitment of the real estate category to streaming audio marketing.

Borrell Associates released a study of ad spending in the real estate category, projecting a decrease in web display, and an increase in streaming media (video and audio). By 2019, according to Borrell, web display of real estate services will reduce by a whopping 92%, from $512-million in 2014 to $47-million.

By contrast, the Borrell forecast calls for an increase in commitment to streaming audio to $778-million.

Naturally, category growth in real estate comes from multiple sources, many of them local. The Zillow campaign (see above) we’ve spotted recently on Slacker┬áRadio, and ads from competitor Trulia, represent nation-spanning services. As streaming audio continues improving the effectiveness of local targeting, we expect to see local agency offices populate our streams.





Brad Hill