Acast wants to give away $10,000 of podcast advertising in “Pod Power-up” campaign

Global podcast company Acast will give away $10,000 worth of podcast advertising across its 100,000-show reach, to a single American small-business company. This program is launched to coincide with Small Business Month (May), and the nomination for eligible companies ends June 13.

Pod Power-up aims to highlight the effectiveness of podcast advertising for brands of all sizes, and just why podcasts are a must-have channel for small businesses to make a big impact.


“We too were a small independent business with a big idea.” –Acast


Acast is accepting nominations for the winning company; anyone can nominate any eligible firm. The definition of “small business” is taken from the U.S. Small Business Administration, which recognizes independent businesses with fewer than 500 employees. The SBA estimates 28.8-million such outfits in the U.S., representing 99.9% of all firms. (See the SBA FAQ here — it’s quite interesting as an overall portrait of American business.)

Nominations can be made by anyone through Acast’s Pod Power-up website HERE.

Pod Power-up is putting small businesses in the spotlight and giving them the chance to experience the sheer effectiveness of podcast advertising,” said Patrick Butkus, Global Vice President of Marketing at Acast. “We’re already seeing smaller brands get big results using our self-serve ad platform, and we want to give even more diverse businesses across the US access to those kinds of benefits too.”

Acast will produce the spot for the chosen company, free of charge. We expect (but are not told) that campaign effectiveness will be measured and promoted after the run, to splash some ad effectiveness mojo on Acast.

Brad Hill