Acast enters Finland in partnership with Asennemedia

Acast enters Finland, via a partnership with Finnish marketing agency Asennemedia. In the agreement, the 50 podcasts represented by Asennemedia will be hosted on Acast, and exposed to Finnish advertisers through the Acast marketplace.

Assenemedia is the first partner to get access to the Acast marketplace in Finland. Acast hosts over 28,000 shows.

Fredrik Hermansson, Nordics Managing Director at Acast, said:“We’ve seen great potential in Finland in recent years, with listenership of Acast-hosted podcasts increasing to nearly two million a month. Our partnership with Asennemedia is a great step for Acast and we look forward to supporting Asennemedia in accelerating its podcast business, and making its podcast offering as attractive as possible using our services and Acast’s dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology – today widely adopted as the norm throughout the industry.”

Noora Kunttu, Development Director at Asennemedia, said: “Working with Acast will allow us to bring a new level of growth to our influencer marketing and podcast business. The influencer marketing business in Finland was worth 28 million euros last year, and we’re looking forward to accelerating that by partnering with such an established and important player.”

Acast recent became a public company, listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market

Brad Hill