Podcast Radio unleashes movie-theater ad promoting the all-podcast UK station

We got a note from Podcast Radio, the all-podcast DAB station in the UK, revealing a newly produced video ad. The spot (see it below) will run in several UK movie chain theaters nationwide.

In addition to DAB broadcast, Podcast Radio is available online and via smart speakers,a point emphasized in the ad — which will be seen in some territories not yet served by the station’s DAB signal.

The ad was created and made by award-winning production agency Contented. It was produced by Amy Brown, edited by Matt Ashmore and written by Tash Wright.

As part of the partnership, OAF (On A Friday), hosted by DCM’s Content Business Director, Tom Linay, will also be making its debut on the Podcast Radio platform. The popular weekly podcast sees Tom and his friend Dan Smee discuss the latest upcoming movie and music releases.

Here, then, is the ad:


Brad Hill