Abacast becomes WO Streaming, as WideOrbit integrates products

wideorbit logo canvasWideOrbit announced this morning the launch of WO Streaming, a re-branding of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Abacast, and an integration of Abacast’s Clarity product in the company’s software suite.

WideOrbit acquired Abacast last June. Clarity (now WO Streaming) is Abacast’s cloud-based streaming and ad-insertion solution for bradcasters, webcasters, and podcasters.

A WideOrbit spokesperson told RAIN News that the launch does not bring operational changes to WO Streaming users accustomed to the Clarity product. “The biggest change at launch is unification of the UI,” we were told. “Users of both WO Traffic for Digtital Orders and the former Clarity will be able to manage all their advertising workflow through the unified interface.”

“The integration of WO Streaming into the family of WideOrbit products will continue to simplify the broadcast and streaming business operations of major media companies even as their revenue streams and delivery types become more complex and diffuse,” said Eric R. Mathewson, Founder and CEO, WideOrbit. “WO Streaming strengthens our offering for radio by providing clients with a solution that enables them to run their businesses from a single comprehensive platform.”


Brad Hill