YouTube Music now lets listeners switch from audio to video (and back)

YouTube Music has launched a new tool that takes advantage of one of its key distinguishing features. Listeners on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium now have the option to toggle between the audio version of a song and its official music video at will. Switching between the two happens seamlessly, picking up at the same moment in the track in the other format. The feature is available in the YouTube Music app for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

YouTube said it has applied this feature to more than 5 million official music videos and audio tracks. For listeners who never want to watch videos in the app, there’s a settings option for “Don’t play music videos” and the option for visuals will never appear.

YouTube relaunched this latest iteration of its music app in spring of 2018. Since then, YouTube Music and the paid subscription tier YouTube Music Premium have rolled out to a wider international audience.

Anna Washenko

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  1. I tried out the app. Didn’t like it. Too much focus on videos. If I get a streaming app, I’ll probably go with Apple Music, as the focus is on music, plus I have learned recently that they will let you upload your music to the cloud, which is selling point for me, as I have a lot of old albums and import albums that aren’t on streaming services.

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