YouTube CEO: 10,000 content police on the way, Red will expand

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki spoke about at the Code Media conference, covering several hot-button topics for the video platform. She addressed the controversy around Logan Paul, whose videos have run the gamut from disparaging mental health issues to displaying gross cultural insensitivity. In addition to drawing severe criticism, Paul’s videos have made advertisers more wary of running spots on YouTube. The backlash has already led YouTube to change its Google Preferred advertiser  Wojcicki said YouTube will be adding 10,000 people as “content police,” who will watch videos to ensure they do not contain offensive content. She didn’t give any timetable for hiring that wave of additional personnel.

She also discussed expansion plans for YouTube Red. Wojcicki said the subscription program will roll out to as many as 100 countries. Rumors have suggested that YouTube may be working on a separate subscription music service that may be released later this year, but Wojcicki did not comment on that in her talk.

She did, however, address the recent moves by social network Facebook to move into the video space. Her advice to the new rival? “Get back to baby pictures.” Watch the whole interview below:

Anna Washenko