Westwood One’s latest podcast report examines receptivity to ads, subscriptions

Westwood One has released its Podcast Download Fall 2017 Report. The analysis showed that listeners who tune into a large volume of shows are often heavy media consumers and early adopters for technology. That demographic also is open to the idea of paid, ad-free subscriptions to podcasts. Half of the surveyed listeners said they would consider a $5-a-month subscription.

The role of advertising was an interesting component of the report results. There is an acceptance of ads, as shown by 39% of podcast listeners saying they would tolerate 3 or more breaks in an hour-long podcast. Depending on the show’s length, between two and four ad breaks could be acceptable for many listeners. However, the trend of speed listening does reduce the potential impact of any ads in a program.

Westwood One also commissioned an infographic that summarized some of the most important points of the report.

Anna Washenko