Westwood One podcast report shows growth in audience, ad interest

Westwood One has updated its State of Podcasting 2017 report to reflect additional research on the audio format. It addressed the key takeaways in a blog post.

The data point to steady, continual growth in the podcast audience. Nearly a quarter of Americans aged 12 and up have ever listened to a podcast. Millennials are driving double-digit growth in many demographics, with overall growth of 23% between Q4 2016 and Q2 2017. Hispanics in this age group showed 56% growth between the quarters, while men posted 21% growth and women posted 23% growth.

Advertisers have been getting on the podcast bandwagon as the listener base grows. Higher percentages are discussing and considering podcast ads. In September 2015, 15% of marketers said they currently advertised in podcasts; that rate rose to 29% by May 2017.

Anna Washenko

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