Westwood One opens Podcast Executive Study survey

Westwood One is running an open survey to gather data which will inform the company’s upcoming Podcast Executive Study.

Our look at the survey revealed a B2B approach that any podcaster could take a run through, but is really intended for mainly professional  ventures familiar with the advertising ecosystem of podcasting. The questions are about awareness and opinion. It is not fielding opinion questions, and it is not for listeners.

Participants should be comfortable with language like this: “When you test podcast advertising for a new brand/client, how are you typically flighting the campaign?”

The study probes for respondent familiarity with advertising concepts such as attribution, and podcast ad-tech firms that are fairly new. It tests for awareness and favorability of ecosystem stalwarts Nielsen, Edison Research, Triton Digital, Podtrac, and others. It groups together five attribution technology companies which are newer to the scene (Chartable, Barometric, Podsights, LeadsRx and Analytic Owl) and asks about familiarity and willingness to use.

Interested pros can spend about 10 minutes taking it HERE. Unknown at present whether the output will be publicly available. (Participants must finish the survey to be counted. RAIN does not currently produce podcasts; we abandoned the process near the end, assuring that our responses would be tossed out.)

Brad Hill