Website builder Wix splashes into both of Magellan’s top podcast advertiser lists

If there is a  winner in Magellan’s two monthly rankings of podcast advertising spend for January, it is website builder Wix, which landed in Top Spenders and Top Movers & Shakers.

The Top Spenders list ranks podcast advertisers by total spend for the month. On that reckoning, Wix landed in the #10 spot, having spent $1.7-million. The Movers & Shakers list is sorted by amount spent among advertisers which substantially increased their podcast marketing. Wix wins that list outright, with a 1,000%-jump from December.

Magellan’s commentary: “Wix’s 1087% increase in spend landed them on both our top spenders and top movers & shakers lists for January. Magellan AI first detected the brand in April 2018 but detected a big increase in both the volume of ads and spend in November 2021 and January 2022. In January, Wix spent 30% more in a single month than they had for the entirety of 2021.”

Magellan also calls out Lexus for a 46x increase from December to January.

Both lists found HERE.


Brad Hill