Webinar details TechSurvey 13 results, technical background on streaming

StreamGuys, Jacobs Media Strategies, and jacapps collaborated on a webinar with pertinent data and advice about streaming for radio broadcasters. The presentation began with audience survey data from Jacobs’ TechSurvey 13. The survey showed a steady trend of traditional platforms in a gradual decline since TechSurvey 9 as digital platforms have been on a slow and steady rise.

The annual TechSurvey 13 sources its survey population from the registration databases of 321 radio stations, and totals nearly 58,000 respondents. The online survey was conducted in January and February, 2017.

Participants were asked how often they streamed, and the top response was daily at 39%. Weekly streaming had a 19% share and monthly took 8%. Only 19% said never, and 15% said less than monthly. Generation Z was the most likely age bracket to stream at least weekly at 81%, followed by Millennials at 73%. Next, 64% of Generation X reported streaming at least weekly and 50% of Baby Boomers. Nearly half of streaming (49%) happens on websites among respondents who stream monthly and listen to home station streams at least weekly. Mobile apps took a 19% share, followed by TuneIn at a 7% share and iHeartRadio at an 8% share.

The StreamGuys portion of the webinar covered details about monetization and measurement in streaming. It includes a technical breakdown of encoders and other details about the different expenses with streaming, such as ad insertion. It also addressed legal issues that could present unexpected costs to broadcasters looking to make their work available online.

Anna Washenko