Webcast listening flat in July; year-over-year growth (Triton)

Month-over-month webcast listening was flat in July, according to Triton Digital’s monthly Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker.¬†Our analysis looks through the Monday-Sunday lens, 6:00am to midnight, using the key netric of Average Active Sessions (AAS).

Year-over-year listening growth landed at 20%, led by Townsquare (+48%), ESPN (+40%), Pandora (+28%), and NPR (+27%).

In 2014, year to date, listening in the Top 20 group has grown by five percent, led by AccuRadio (+13%), and ESPN (+11%) in double-digit increases.

In its commentary of the July report, Triton notes that mobile listening increased 36% over July, 2013. Apple’s iOS leads the mobile platform race when it comes to streaming the Triton Top 20.

Here is the historic AAS trendline from September, 2009:


triton july2014 leaders


We looked at a three-year view, noting that it was July, 2011, when Pandora was at ground zero from which it launched a monumental climb Average Active Sessions. The three-year growth spurt logged a 280% increase, with a nominal gain of 1.4-million average sessions. During that time Clear Channel streams nearly kept pace in percentage growth (+231%), at a much lower nominal level (+168,000). Other >200% gainers are Cumulus and Univision. NPR, Idobi, and Townsquare were not measured in the July, 2011 Ranker.

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Brad Hill