Webby podcast winners: Stitcher and Wondery score multiples

The Webby Awards were released this week, and the focus here is the Podcasts category (revised from the previous categorization of Digital Audio & Podcasts).

Inside the category, the Webbys recognize 23 sub-categories like Business, Crime & Justice, sports, and Technology. The announcement page is rather difficult to navigate (ironically), and The Verge has helpfully provided a simple list of winners:

  • Arts & Culture: New York Times Audio’s Still Processing
  • Best Branded Podcast or Segment: Trained by Nike, Gizmodo’s The Sauce
  • Webby Award for Best Host: Pod Save the People
  • Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Host: Mythical’s Ear Biscuits
  • Best Individual Episode: Wondery’s Dr. Death, Cafe’s Stay Tuned With Preet
  • Best Mini Series: PRX’s The Great God of Depression from Radiotopia’s Showcase, Michigan Radio’s Believed
  • Best Original Music/ Sound Design: Wolverine: The Long Night, Twenty Thousand Hertz
  • Webby Award for Best Podcast Series: Slate Magazine’s Slow Burn Season 2
  • Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Series: Serial
  • Best Writing: Serial Season 3, Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • Business: Wondery’s Business Wars, Freakonomics Radio- “After the Glass Ceiling, A Glass Cliff”
  • Comedy: My Dad Wrote a Porno, And That’s Why We Drink
  • Crime & Justice: In the Dark (Season 2), PRX’s Criminal
  • Documentary: Ear Hustle
  • Family & Kids: The Longest Shortest Time, Tai Asks Why
  • Health & Wellness: 10% Happier
  • Interview/Talk Show: Everything is Alive
  • Lifestyle: Unladylike, Proof by America’s Test Kitchen
  • News & Politics: Pod Save the People, Mueller She Wrote
  • Science & Education: American History Tellers, StarTalk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • Sports: 30 for 30 Podcasts: The Six Who Sat
  • Technology: The Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything (Season 3), The Verge’s Vergecast
  • Television & Film: How Did This Get Made? Podcast, The Daily Show: Ears Edition

Note that each category has two winners: one for People’s Choice, and one for “Best.” Non-winning nominees are note represented here, as are the creator/network credits.

Scripps and Wondery sent out notices of their success. Scripps-owned Stitcher won five awards, thereby taking bragging rights for a single network. Wondery took home three prizes.

The winning Stitcher shows are:

  • Freakonomics Radio (Business)
  • How Did This Get Made (Television and Film)
  • The Longest Shortest Time (Family and Kids)
  • Unladylike (Lifestyle)
  • Wolverine: The Lost Trail (Original Score / Sound Design)

Wondery’s wins:

Dr. Death (Individual Episode)

American History Tellers (Science and Education)

Business Wars (Business)


Brad Hill