“Westworld” on Alexa wins AdAge award

If smart speakers need a content hit to reach a next level (RAIN’s hypothesis, and we’re not alone), the Westworld experience on Alexa is pointing in that direction. The elaborate “skill” has won AdAge’s Creativity Award 2019 for Best Use of Voice Tech. The Alexa version is called Westworld: The Maze, and is a totally voice-driven experience with 11,000 lines of script and over 60 story lines. Thirty-six actors play parts.

All this part of a campaign conceived and activated by the 360i agency. The award goes to show creator HBO. Try it on an Alexa device with the command: “Alexa, open Westworld.”

Interestingly, participants have spent an average of 14 minutes in the game. That seems like a remarkable amount of time for a voice-controlled interactive experience that requires active engagement — unlike listening to music, for example. We certainly enjoy Jeopardy on Alexa, and the Wait Wait Quiz, but haven’t spent 14 minutes in a single session of either game.

Brad Hill