WBUR, Boston, gets radio’s first Google Glass app

wbur logoNational Public Radio station WBUR, Boston, announced that it is the first broadcast station to land an app in Google Glass, the wearable computing device. WBUR is affiliated with Boston University.

John Davidow, WBUR’s Executive Editor, New Media, said that Glass is “the perfect platform for what WBUR does, which is broadcast compelling, smart audio news, information and entertainment programs.”

WBUR was one of six NPR stations that developed NPR One, a mobile public-radio experience that launched this summer. (RAIN review here.)

The app enters the official Glasswear directory, and is the first live radio station to get a foothold there. According to Glass Almanac, the experience is somewhat customizable — when you first activate the station in Glass, you get an hourly news update. An optional tap switched to the live stream.

Brad Hill