Voxnest data shows podcast listens on the rise in Spanish-speaking markets

Voxnest shared its data on the nations that have reported the largest growth in month over month podcast listening for March 2019. Its numbers point toward notable growth in Spanish-speaking markets; Voxnest saw a 13% increase in Spanish language podcasts in 2018. Chile posted the biggest gains at 83.95% growth. Argentina had the second-highest rate at 55.28%, followed by Peru at 49.1% and Mexico at 47.84%. China was the leading non-Spanish market with growth of 43.62%.

“What will be most interesting is to see how this boom evolves – will we see more Spanish language content emerging and will a Spanish market finally be able to knock America off the top spot of highest monthly unique streams?” Voxnest’s Georgia Grey asked in the blog post revealing the chart.

The new blog post poses an intriguing counterpoint to Voxnest’s year-end report with data about markets with the largest growth in podcast creation. India was the leader in that assessment, while it didn’t make the top ten list of top growing geographies for listens.

Anna Washenko