UK artist groups add their social media support for Fair Play, Fair Pay Act

The Fair Play, Fair Pay Act is getting a boost of support from an unusual corner. Two artists rights and management groups in the UK – the Music Managers Forum and the Feature Artists Coalition – have asked members to get involved with the social media campaign to raise awareness for the issue. The legislation aims to pay performance royalties to musicians for their plays on terrestrial radio.

The campaign includes posting with the #FairPlayFairPay hashtag, using an image from the musicFIRST organization as a profile photo, and sharing other status updates from musicFIRST. So far, the biggest artist from across the pond to hop on the bandwagon is Annie Lennox.

The bill has also gotten some buzz as artists attend meetings in DC to further push for the bill’s support. For instance, David Byrne, who is also a member of the SoundExchange board of directors, met with the act’s co-sponsor Rep. Jerrold Nadler on Friday.

Anna Washenko