Two Spotify updates: Instagram integration and a long-time exec departs

Spotify has announced a deal with Instagram. Users of the social media network can share what they are listening to in their Instagram Stories and Instagram Direct. This is now an option within the “share” menu for Spotify music. People can share custom cover art stickers for each song, album, playlist or artist on Spotify.

On the receiving end, people who see shared songs or artists on Instagram will be able to tune in too. They can tap a “Play on Spotify” button to hear the music in the Spotify app.

The other development is a departure in Spotify’s upper ranks. Music Business Worldwide reports that Angela Watts is leaving the business, with no details about what her next move will be. Watts spent more than eight years as the company’s VP of marketing and communications. She is credited with playing a key role in building Spotify’s brand as it grew out of the local startup phase. She built the global team for that division from scratch and was named as a director for the UK company in 2013.

Anna Washenko