TuneIn soft-launches TuneIn Explorer, an interactive map-based radio tuner

In one of the more delightful recent product releases, TuneIn has unleashed TuneIn Explorer, an interactive map-based radio tuner. Find it HERE.

TuneIn Explorer is available as a web-based experience. The company tells us it will soon be released in the TuneIn mobile apps.

For now, TuneIn Explorer works best on computers with touch screens, and supports a deep level of zooming-in to find hyperlocal stations. We satisfyingly dove into Manhattan neighborhoods and town-level radio activity. Below, a look at Durham, NC.

As an audio browsing tool, we find TuneIn Explorer superior to the World Radio Map, which offers a cramped presentation. Radio Garden is another option, but is limited to non-commercial broadcast and internet radio stations. TuneIn Explorer seems to be a useful and fun portal to TuneIn’s vast global catalog of radio streaming.

Brad Hill