TuneIn expands in Europe with new partnerships

TuneIn is announcing new European partnership deals that will bolster the platform’s Euro content offerings, and open new revenue expansion. The two new deals are with Dutch broadcasters Talpa Network/OMS and Audiohuis Amsterdam, and French broadcaster AirZen.

TuneIn cites a new study from Broadcast Networks Europe which finds that European radio has a reach of 84%. TuneIn refers to “a new generation of European digital audio listeners” who will be able to stream their preferred on-demand content via the TuneIn app.

On the revenue side, TuneIn sources IMPALA (semi-acronym for Independent Music Companies Association) to say that European digital radio rose over 20% to $3.84B USD, opening TuneIn’s potential on the advertising side in the European market at-large. The company refers to an “expansive stack of connected device partnerships.” They include Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, Bose, and Tesla’s in-dash experience.

“Timely access to local news and information is more important than ever before,” said company CEO Richard Stern. “Our listeners want to know what’s happening now, not what happened a week ago, or a month ago. Through these deals, we’ll be able to deliver on this promise to our European listeners better than ever before.”

“Yearly digital audio consumption is rapidly growing. TuneIn is one of the most used ways of distributing our digital radio channels such as Sublime. The fact that Talpa Network/OMS has also teamed up with TuneIn, which is our sales agency, will help us monetize and provide listeners a better way of consuming our brands and to bring the messages of our advertisers to our listeners,” said Tom Klerkx, Managing Director of new TuneIn partner Audiohuis Amsterdam.

AirZen brags of controlling 320 podcasts per week, which is definitely brag-worthy, and notes, “Our audience is growing now that we are on all connected speakers. Thank you very much to TuneIn.”


Brad Hill