TuneIn creates sonic logo to extend branding to screen-free listening platforms

TuneIn announced that it has adopted a new sonic logo. This short audio snippet is designed to present company branding to listeners who are accessing TuneIn’s service on connected devices or screenless platforms. The company noted that it has seen 56% on-year growth in global listening consumption on those connected devices. It developed the sonic logo in partnership with Listen.

“In partnering with the world’s leading voice assistants and devices, our learnings point to a screenless listening experience that has become a way of life, marking a true audio renaissance,” TuneIn CEO Juliette Morris said. “As voice continues to fuel unprecedented growth in audio, the unveiling of our new sonic logo is timely as we seek to creatively market and extend our brand identity as a leader in audio to literally and figuratively ‘speak’ to our listeners to let them know they are on TuneIn when there is no screen for a visual cue.”

“A robust sound identity is a critical way for brands to differentiate themselves in a voice activated world, and in working closely with TuneIn, we arrived at an elegant solution for a sound logo that is both incredibly succinct and uniquely aligned to TuneIn’s brand values and visual identity,” said Steve Milton, a founding partner at Listen. “TuneIn now has a powerful sound identity that can work flexibly across all of their brand touch points to engage listeners wherever they are.”

Anna Washenko