TuneCore adds mastering to dashboard thanks to MixGenius deal

TuneCore canvasTuneCore has entered into a partnership with MixGenius to add mastering to its Artist Service suite of tools. The LANDR Embeddable Platform will be incorporated into artists’ dashboards, so musicians can master their songs within the TuneCore system to prepare them for distribution. The DIY mastering platform has a drag and drop interface, and it allows instant previews of the results. The finished songs can be uploaded, and artists can get the uncompressed WAV masters for $9.99 per song.

The Artist Services launched in July, and since then TuneCore has added several features to give artists more control and information about how their music gets distributed. Recently, TuneCore purchased location-based content delivery app DropKloud for Artist Services, and it also added YouTube Money to the suite a few months prior.

Anna Washenko