TuneCore acquires social media management company

TuneCore canvasTuneCore has acquired JustGo, a social media management platform. The new property has been rebranded as TuneCore Social, which will be an all-in-one tool for social management and analytics. Any TuneCore distribution customers in the U.S., Canada, the UK, or Australia will be able to take advantage of the new social tool for free.

CEO Scott Ackerman said the purchase was a response to the needs of TuneCore customers. “We know that social media is integral in helping our artists reach a wider audience, so acquiring JustGo was a natural fit,” he said. “Offering this all-in-one management platform is a testament to our commitment to supporting our artists and helping them thrive in this ever-changing industry.”

Justin Golshir, founder and CEO of JustGo, has joined TuneCore and will lead the integration. He will also help grow TuneCore’s other artist services. “With JustGo our mission has always been to help emerging musicians grow their fan base and get their music heard around the world,” Golshir said. “TuneCore strives to do exactly that through its vast portfolio of artist services and together we can achieve that shared mission on a much larger scale now with TuneCore Social.”

Anna Washenko