Triton podcast ranker: NPR absent; downloads reduced by Apple changes

Triton Digital released its U.S. Podcast Ranker for October, measuring the top 100 podcasts measured by Triton’s service. As always, this ranker connects each of the 100 listed shows with its sales network.

Here are a few broad strokes, filtering the list by its default weekly average downloads:

Dateline NBC continued occupying the #1 spot.

The top ten spots are nearly identical to the previous month. Only 48 Hours jumped from #11 to #9, and Conan O/Brien Needs A Friend dropped from #10 to #11.

First-time podcasts: The Moth (#19), Sleep With Me (#73), Snap Judgment Presents Spooked (#77), Snap Judgment (#92), Normal Gossip (#98), Buried Bones (#99).

Stalwart NPR is absent fro this month’s ranker due to what Triton calls “a planned data collection migration.”

The big metric is overall downloads, and that number — down 4.6% — is skewed in October. Triton attributes the drop to changes in how Apple categorizes new podcasts, and therefore whether it automatically downloads them. This change, sensible though it might be, has caused a ripple of distress across podcasting.

The list can also be sorted by Average Users, representing audience size. Get the interactive ranker HERE.


Brad Hill