Spotify expands SPAN audio marketplace in four continents

Spotify is launching its Spotify Audience Network (SPAN) in four new territories: Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. This expansion follows an earlier international push this year, which included France, Spain, and Italy.

SPAN is an audio-first advertising marketplace that enables advertisers of all sizes to connect with listeners across a broad range of content, both on and off Spotify.

Podcasting is emphasized in Spotify’s announcement: “Beginning today, advertisers in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and Japan will be able to reach podcast listeners at scale across the Spotify Audience Network.” Podcast advertising potentially reaches all Spotify users, unlike music advertising which reaches only non-subscribers.

SPAN is an opt-in selection for content publishers. This latest expansion gives Spotify an opportunity to promote it: “Whether you are a major podcast publisher with a global audience or a smaller podcaster with a fiercely loyal fanbase, opting into the Spotify Audience Network will give all publishers in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and Japan scaled access to advertisers in-market that are interested in reaching your audience.”

These encouragements work; Over the past 12 months the number of participating publishers has grown over 70%, the company says. That includes what Spotify characterizes as “some of the world’s biggest podcast publishers.” Spotify says that listening is “skyrocketing.”


Brad Hill