Triton Digital partners with Colombia’s RCN Radio

Triton Digital announced that it has partnered with RCN Radio in Colombia to provide delivery and monetization services. Triton’s audio streaming network will power the listening experience for RCN’s 169 stations. Its Tap ad server will deliver the monetization options with dynamically inserted targeted advertisements for online streams. In addition, RCN will make its ad inventory available on Triton’s a2x programmatic marketplace for buyers in Latin America and around the world.

“Triton Digital is the proven leader in streaming audio technology, support, and expertise, and we are thrilled to be working with them to advance our streaming audio strategy,” Leonardo Rodriguez, digital manager at RCN, said. “As the consumption of streaming audio continues to grow at an incredible pace, we are pleased to leverage their best-in-class audio technology to streamline our operations, and to deliver a high-quality streaming experience for our loyal listeners.”

“RCN has tremendous reach, and an unrelenting commitment to providing their listening audience with an entertaining, educational, and informative listening experience,” said Benjamin Masse, Triton’s managing director of market development and strategy. “We are proud to support their streaming audio goals, providing them with the technology and expertise needed to elevate their online audio monetization strategy to the next level.”

Anna Washenko