Triton digital completes MRC auditing process, status of accredited metrics unchanged

triton digital canvasTriton Digital announced that it has completed an annual review of accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC), and that the fully accredited status of Triton’s Webcast Metrics and Webcast Metrics Local ratings products remains unchanged.

Rob Favre, CCO and GM of Data and Measurement at Triton Digital, told RAIN News, “Working in partnership with the MRC through this annual process ensures that standards of measurement are upheld year after year.”

Triton’s Webcast Metrics Local joined the Webcast Metrics product with MRC-accredited status last March, as announced by RAIN News. The completion of the annual review process sustains all previously established accreditations. Specific ratings include Total Listening Hours, Average Active Sessions, Average Quarter Hour, and many others. See the complete rundown here.)

Favre noted the importance of MRC’s stamp of approval. “Webcast Metrics and Webcast Metrics Local remain the only streaming audio measurement solutions with metrics that have been accredited by the Media Rating Council. Because our technology measures actual streaming audio usage and presents data in a way that is easily understood, it is the most accurate and complete solution available.”

“We congratulate Triton Digital for meeting the rigorous requirements needed for MRC accreditation,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “This accreditation process once again demonstrated that Triton is at the forefront of audio streaming measurement.”

Brad Hill