Trade body AudioUK appoints new Managing Director: Chloe Straw

Chloe Straw has been named as the new Managing Director of AudioUK, the trade body for audio production companies making high quality podcasts, radio and audiobooks. She replaces previous Managing Director Will Jackson, who left in January, and Tim Wilson who filled the role on an interim basis.

Chloe Straw was previously Head of Content and Production at award winning production company We Are Grape, where she has been for the last four years, in addition to working as a social media strategist. She will take up her post at AudioUK on 17 June.

Straw’s prior involvement with AudioUK includes being a Board member for two years from 2017, in addition to which she was the Head of Digital for its training arm Audiotrain. Her career has included working with the BBC, as well as leading production company Somethin’ Else.

AudioUK’s membership has never been  larger, and Chloe Straw will be charged, in part, with keeping it growing. There is a growing professional s ector of podcast and audiobook creators. She will continue to implement and further develop AudioUK’s diversity and inclusion strategy. Chloe will also be looking to grow AudioUKs business partnerships, building on the success of the organisations Audio Production Awards and Audiotrain brands, as well as developing other initiatives.


Brad Hill