Tom Hanks vaults TuneIn app to top10, with 28% increase in U.S. downloads

Has A-list actor Tom Hanks joined TuneIn’s corporate communications team? No, but he did shine love on the TuneIn app when Stephen Colbert asked Hanks to name his favorite app.

Camera, Hanks said. Answer disqualified by Colbert because the camera is built in. It took Hanks one second to assert: “I’ll go to TuneIn Radio because I can listen to any radio station in the world.”

Here is the clip, from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

The TuneIn communications office should hire Hanks for that, and is certainly bragging about it. Metrics prove why it was a brag-worthy windfall: In one day TuneIn’s app status in the Apple App Store leaped into the top 10, and the company saw a 28% increase in U.S. downloads.

TuneIn got some shine in a time when podcast networks, star podcasters, music services, and tech companies get most of the ink in trades like RAIN News, and in consumer publications. The company has an epic reach — 75-million monthly active listeners (that’s more than Pandora) across 197 countries, tuning in 100,000 stations for 500-million hours a month. The platform also carries an eye-popping 5.7-million podcasts.


Brad Hill