TikTok connects with Apple Music to benefit rights-holders

Immensely popular video sharing app TikTok has opened a connection with Apple Music whereby users of both services can leverage TikTok as a discovery mechanism for their personal music collections.

Before this, a TikTok video existed in isolation from streaming music platforms. That was a dangerous situation for the music business in the opinion of Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s global head of music business. “Short-form video that doesn’t lead anywhere is the most dangerous thing I’ve seen the music business face in a long time,” Cohen is reported to have said. 

One interesting speculation is whether TikTok will expand its linkage to YouTube, with which TikTok fiercely competes. The YouTube Shorts video-upload product funnels users to YouTube Music, naturally enough.

TikTok’s connection with Apple Music was first revealed by Stuart Dredge at Music Ally (READ).

(H/T Michael Robertson)

Brad Hill