The Streaming Audio Marketplace: webinar slides

tsam RAIN REPORT with title canvas

The Streaming Audio Marketplace, a RAIN News webinar and whitepaper sponsored by TargetSpot, is now freely available in two formats:

  • The whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge here
  • The webinar slides are below, and also on SlideShare

TSAM sponsored by targetspot 150x44 for email promoThe Streaming Audio Marketplace is a strategic overview of online audio advertising, detailing the components, features, technologies, and growth of ad-supported streaming audio models. The first in a series of RAIN Reports, the webinar/whitepaper represents the most comprehensive piece of intelligence ever published on the online audio advertising industry. Key topics include:

  • Defining the streaming audio audience
  • The streaming audio adveretising marketplace — measurement, buying, and selling
  • Streaming audio is a mobile medium
  • Features and benefits of streaming audio advertising
  • Future trends

Brad Hill