Targetspot launches digital audio campaign hub Passport Explore

Targetspot, a division of AudioValley, has launched a new tool called Passport Explore, a platform that allows any digital audio player to manage advertising campaigns. This service can set up local, national, and international advertising campaigns across any type of digital audio, including streaming, webradio, and podcasts. Passport Explore offers real-time audience targeting, monitoring, and optimization. It acts as a hub for all of an announcers, agency or publisher’s campaign tools.

“Drawing on more than ten years of experience in the digital audio space, we have combined on one platform all of the power, functionalities and intelligence needed to respond in a strong and unique manner to the needs of the market,” said Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO and founder of AudioValley. “With this unrivalled technology, we can offer digital audio players a solution for managing and optimising their campaigns in a way that will enable them to easily tap into opportunities on the market. With Passport Explore, we are proud to reveal an innovative solution that opens up new performance prospects for our Group and our clients.”

Anna Washenko