Transcript: Heather Osgood at Podcast Business Lunch: “We have to go to programmatic”

Heather Osgood, Founder and CEO of podcast ad-rep company True Native Media, joins Brad Hill for the RAIN Podcast Business Lunch. The conversation roams across the needs and expectations of podcast advertisers, both new and experienced, and how podcasters deliver to those needs. Continue Reading

“We showed up on the Apple charts, and that’s the day everything changed.” Mike Carruthers at RAIN Podcast Business Lunch (transcript)

Mike Carruthers was the guest speaker at RAIN’s Podcast Business Lunch on Feb. 9. Mike is the creator and host of Apple top-10 charting podcast Something You Should Know. He described the radio roots of this hit show, how it is produced, and how the advertising works. Click through to read the conversation and link to the video. Continue Reading