WorldDMB examines DAB adoption in Europe and Australia

WorldDMB released an infographic compiling data about use of broadcast digital radio in Europe and Australia. The report highlighted three of the key trends emerging in digital radio for those regions: Digital switchover is firmly on the agenda in Europe; network coverage is now over 90% of the population in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands; in the UK, 61% of new cars sold have DAB as standard, and in Norway over 60% have DAB/DAB+ fitted. Continue Reading


Centennials infographic: more knowledge about “digital natives”

Last July Mark Mulligan produced a study of “digital natives” — the generation which has never known a world without online connectivity and unlimited content. Another name for digital natives is Centennials, marking a demographic born in 1997 or later. A new infographic illustrates a research study about this key cohort. Continue Reading