WorldDMB examines DAB adoption in Europe and Australia

WorldDMB new carsWorldDMB released an infographic compiling data about use of broadcast digital radio in Europe and Australia. The report highlighted three of the key trends emerging in digital radio for those regions:

  • Digital switchover is firmly on the agenda in Europe.
  • Network coverage is now over 90% of the population in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • In the UK, 61% of new cars sold have DAB as standard, and in Norway over 60% have DAB/DAB+ fitted.

The infographic revealed solid progress toward digital radio in Norway and the UK, with Switzerland close behind in most metrics. The first level road access to the digital service in most European countries is pretty comprehensive, with many posting more than 90% coverage. The proportions of new cars that have digital receivers varies more widely. Norway is leading with 63%, followed by the UK at 61%, but Germany, Italy and Australia have just 10% or less. Household receiver penetration had a similar distribution, although Australia has already jumped up to 23%.

WorldDMB road coverage

A few European nations have transition plans in place, with Norway expecting to switch over to digital in 2017 and Switzerland prepping for the change in 2020-2024. France, Italy, and Poland are still at the stage of developing their digital networks, while Austria and Flanders are just starting trials of DAB+. Sweden is also expected to vote on a roadmap later this year.

WorldDMB aims to facilitate the adoption of digital broadcast radio and it delivers solutions and suggestions related to that transition.

Anna Washenko

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  1. The “roadmap” of DAB is only a wishful thinking from the proponents from the state owned radio stations.

    In DAB the station doesn’t own the transmitter, the modern printing press. The one who are controlling the on/off-switch on the DAB-transmitter are controlling the radio stations “printing press”.

    When you switch off a DAB-transmitter you switch off 5-20 “radio shannels” at one time. It is the perfect tool for despots to control the airwaves.

    Please inform yourself at Digital Radio Sweden FM:

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