Survey: Almost a third of U.S. households have smart speakers

Smart speaker ownership continues to rise in the United States, according to the latest survey by the Consumer Technology Association. The organization examined ownership and intent to purchase for this device segment and dozens of other tech products. Ownership of smart speakers has reached 31% of U.S. homes, up from 8% three years ago. The product category saw almost 100% growth in household ownership for a second consecutive year in the CTA analysis.

“Americans are embracing AI tech in the home at unprecedented levels,” said Steve Koenig, CTA’s vice president of research. “The dramatic rise in household ownership of intelligent devices like smart speakers shows American consumers endorse the benefits and convenience of artificial intelligence and voice recognition to help them with everyday tasks.”

The leading products in this study were televisions, smartphones, and laptops, which registered respective ownership rates of 95%, 91%, and 75%. Smart home technology reached 17% household ownership, and are expected to see the largest adoption gains over the next year. Personal audio and wearables also performed well. Wireless earbuds and headphones are now in nearly half of all U.S. households at 48% and generated a 33% intent to buy.

These results follow up a more general outlook from the CTA in January that projected smart speakers would be one of the leading drivers of revenue for tech retail revenue this year.

Anna Washenko