Stitcher 2019 review: TV recaps, trips to the moon, and more

With a mix of stats and promos, podcast app and content company Stitcher has released a 2019 retrospective. (See it HERE.)

Some notable numbers:

  • The number of podcasts in Stitcher has increased 125,351%. Yes, that’s percent … and it’s over 10 years.
  • 2019 was “the year of the TV recap podcast.” Episodes of shows covering Game of  Thrones numbered over 230,000. That’s a lot of recap.
  • The True Crime and  Comedy genres had high search counts: 354k for the former; 208k for the latter.
  • And this: “All in all, you all listened to enough podcasts to take 2,740,687 trips to the moon.” We think this means number of listening minutes divided by number of minutes it takes to go to the moon.

Along with the stats, Stitcher has released some “Best” and “Favorite” lists for new shows, True Crime, Comedy, Fiction, Indie, and Staff Favorites.

Brad Hill