Ipsos releases key metrics of Italian podcast market

Ipsos has released a cluster of metrics in the Italian podcast market, packaged in an infographic (see below). We received this from Italian podcast company Digital MDE, which supported the Ipsos effort.

The podcast information is part of a larger work called IPSOS DIGITAL AUDIO SURVEY 2019. The company describes the purpose of its effort as: “Monitor listening behaviors of all forms of Digital Audio, and Podcasts in particular.” Ipsos promises annual updates.

The press release drills into four key findings:

  • About 7 million Italians have listened to podcasts in the last month, 26% of the 16-60 years
    old population of the Country.
  • Podcast listeners are young, highly educated and professionally qualified. But most of all, they are interested
    in quality content that can satisfy their curiosity for proactively exploring content. Their choice of podcasts is
    prominently based on the topic (53%, which becomes 61% amongst the 35-44 years old population), or
    speakers/narrator’s voice (24%, with an even higher role amongst under 35s).
  • Often podcasts are listened while multitasking (83%) but – in response to those that think this format is
    demanding and requires concentration – for 46% of podcast listeners they are simply a way to relax.
  • In a phase in which Media struggle to keep audiences engaged with recurring appointments, it is significant
    that most podcast listeners are very much into series (71%), and 30% listen to series from beginning to end:
    this ability to create a relationship with their listeners make podcasts of great value for operators.

And here is the infographic:


Brad Hill